August update

I had a great day on the allotment today. Its the first time I’ve seen it since the end of June and it is at a peak of green abundance. We dodged the showers to dig up the potatoes which fill half a sack and I’m pretty sure will make it to the September Open Day when we can cook and/or distribute them. There were also a few onions and shallots left in the big bed so they are safely stored too.

There were self-seeded tomato plants everywhere (probably from seeds in the compost last year) so we have transplanted quite a lot and supported them with canes so we may yet still get some toms if the sun ever comes out again. I was chuffed to see the dwarf sunflowers and camilias I planted are attracting loads of insects and bees. Not so great are the affids and blackfly munching up the french beans.

Helena spent a lot of time tidying up one of the soft fruit cages and making loads of new strawberry plants from the runners of the old ones. If we can get the greenhouse glazed before winter, these will be good for planting out next year. We also added a tarpaulin to the little plastic greenhouse as the hard weather has finally punched hundreds of little holes in the roof. 

Some of the growbags look pretty overgrown and scary. Please shout if anyone wants help with taming their bag. Hopefully, lots of Grow Baggers will come to the meeting on Sunday 5th September so we can discuss whether the bag scheme is working and what people want to do next.

Miriam is going away for a couple of months and has offered whatever is growing to us all as she wont be here to enjoy it. This means her Sunday watering slot may need covering too.

Best wishes



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