September 5th Allotment Mtg

The main things we decided:

 1. Growbags

Traditionally, Michaelmas Day at the end of September is the time for the rent to be paid for allotments. This would be a good time to see who wants to carry on using their grow bag for the next year and how many bags could become free for someone else.

We will use the September Open Day on 25th to welcome the next lot of Grow Bag Guardians.

 People who want to move their grow bags for more sunlight can use the front patch of grass now the benches are in place. Please don’t put bags near the windows.

 We confirmed that no one feels that Grow Bag owners should only be Tabard residents. People who offer hard work and a generous spirit at the allotment are welcome to join this group.

 People who have had a Grow Bag this season and want an extra one to look after should be able to have it, depending on the demand in September.

 Tim and Poddy reconfirmed the Ward Councillors’ support for the allotment as it’s a great way of involving local people and helps promote healthy living. 

 Genevieve will phone around to see how many people want to keep their bag and draw up a list for Sept 25th.

Rose and Justin will contact people they know are interested

  2. Open Day preparations

Saturday September 25th 1pm to 4pm.

 We will use this month’s public open day to:

  • Celebrate the completion of the herb spiral mosaic
  • Celebrate the end of the growing season and the first Grow Bag adventures
  • Offer Grow Bags to people on the waiting list

 Genevieve will be phoning around to see who can help out with setting up and perhaps cook some of the produce. Help with posters and fliers would be appreciated.

Poddy may have time the Friday before to help clear up the alloment and help people with their overgrown bags.

Thomas may bring and set up his BBQ

  3. Decision making and work teams

We think that for now, the best way of meeting is to base it around Sunday morning sessions when some of us have a regular(ish) commitment to turn up and see what needs doing.

Anyone can also use the website blog or ask Martin/Genevieve to send a group email (there are 2 or 3 who don’t use computers).

Five people agreed to be the main guardians of the communal beds. We hope others will want to help with this as time goes on. We are:

Martin, Thomas, Poddy & Genevieve who will look after a bed each and Theresa who will look after the herbs (we hope with Jo Dubiel’s guidance). It is the right time of year to sow one more winter green crop or green manures in the big beds for soil improvement.

 There is currently funding from Cleaner Greener Safer for further ideas about the allotment and for around the estate.

 The next steps towards glazing the greenhouse will happen on Friday 11th September from 10am. Please turn up or ring Martin if you can help on another day.

Contributors                                                          Apologies

Justin & Denise from Hankey House             Jo from Betsham House

Thomas from Rockingham                                Louisa from Tabard House

Martin from Huberd House

Rose from Otford House

Ward Councillors Tim & Poddy

Theresa from Old Kent Road

Genevieve from Rotherhithe


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