Meeting of Allotment group Saturday 26th Feb 2011

Dean, Deirdre, Douglas, Genevieve, Martin, Miriam, Paul, Thomas

Bruna , Jay, Jo, Juliet, Orita, Rose, Louisa, Teresa

1/ Proposal to change use of the majority of the large beds from communal to individually managed plots.

This was discussed and agreed. 3 of the large beds to each be split in half, along with the 3 smaller beds to create a total of 9 larger plots for individuals. These would be rented on a yearly fee of £5 from this March. Allocation. The new beds will be offered to people who already have a grow bag. If the number of people interested exceeds 9 then names will be picked from a hat.  Taking on a larger plot will mean giving up the original grow bag, allowing new people to start with a grow bag. One large bed will be kept as a communal or children’s bed – probably the one near the greenhouse.

2/ Money

Approximately £1,500 of Cleaner Greener Safer money remains and needs to be spent by end of March.

Dean and Miriam have planting plans outside the allotment and want to use some of this money. We suggest that the allotment could make use of £500 for the coming year (see breakdown below).
Open days require a budget for refreshments (£100 for one year) and in the past this has come from TRA South – A contribution from all 3 TRAs would be ideal.

3/ Dates for the diary
Saturday 12th March 10am Glazing the greenhouse

Saturday 2nd April Spring Open Day
Genevieve will circulate a list of jobs that need to be done in order for anyone to help with open days. From now on, each open day will need 3 or 4 volunteers to run each one). BOST have confirmed they will continue to support us through this year offering advice, play sessions etc. at the Open days.

4/ Water

The old nursery has now been renovated as a flat and as a result our water supply has been cut off.  We are chasing this up with the council. If necessary, we will have to return to using the outdoor tap across the road at Tabard House.

Breakdown of proposed CGS spend for allotments 2011 (£500)

Netting roll for fruit cage repairs and keeping off birds £100
Batch of herbs for variety in the herb bed £50
Shelving, hooks and other bits for tidying up the lock-up at Tabard House £70
Extra water butt (for one each side of the greenhouse guttering) £40
Hand tools, hoes, rakes etc £150
Contingency for ongoing maintenance £100