Allotment Report Spring 2011-05-01

As agreed at the Feb Allotment meeting 3 of the large beds to each be split in half, along with the 3 smaller beds to create a total of 9 larger plots for individuals.

Names of people interested in a larger plot were drawn at random.

We held a successful Spring Open day where new plots and grow bags were allocated. Photos here:

We are still without water on the site despite the best efforts of Paul McDonald to get the tap reconnected. Hopefully with support from Cllr Poddy Clark this will get sorted soon.

We still need to allocate time to get the greenhouse glazed – hopefully near the end of May.

Money – there is still money available from the CG fund for the allotment project from last year’s funding. The agreed allotment spend of £500 for the year is detailed below.

List of Allotment jobs

There are plenty of things that need volunteers to keep things running smoothly:

Herb bed

Soft fruit cages

Rhubarb bed


Compost and leaf mulch


Hose and tools maintenance

Preparing and running Open Days

Organising waiting lists, meetings and publicising available plots

Finding funding for any group projects

Responding to offers of freebies

Hopefully, if people have a larger personal stake in the allotment and there are fewer areas where it’s not clear who’s doing what, there will be a greater ownership and interest in the organising and maintenance tasks.

I also propose that we change this year from monthly Open Days to fewer, larger seasonal celebrations where more volunteers are willing to make food, bring music, bring drinks etc in collaboration with BOST.

Here’s a list of essential things to use the remaining money for, mixed with a list of jobs that need doing:

  • Get the tap turned on again – probably a council job
  • Repair or buy new nets for the fruit cages – totally ripped in places
  • Weed and clear up the fruit cages
  • Buy or make permanent strawberry beds above ground level and buy netting and hoops to protect from birds
  • Finish glazing and flooring the greenhouse
  • Weed and hoe the herb bed and buy a new set of annuals and perennials for the spring
  • Move Jay’s stuff out of the plastic greenhouse
  • Bring down the plastic greenhouse (now totally weather permeable) and replace with raised beds
  • Tidy up the Tabard House shed and buy or beg for shelving
  • Turn over each compost bin (who keeps putting plastic bags in there???)
  • Bring out the mature compost for adding to all plots as needed
  • Buy a grill for the water butt so we can collect rainwater this spring but stop leaves and animals from getting in
  • Finish the rhubarb bed
  • Buy more hand trowels, hand forks, rakes, hoes, secateurs, replacement hose parts etc and other things suggested at November meeting
  • Move the last bag of soil left in front of the old nursery
  • Move the terracotta bricks
  • Get the wormery going again
  • Collect ‘worm juice’ offered by local firm for fertiliser