Tabard Gardens Allotment Summer meeting 2011

Date – July 21st 18.30

1/ Apologies
Jenny, Louisa, Naomi, Rebekka,

2/ Present
Ben, Carole (BOST), Emelda, Genevieve, Jo, Orita, Martin, Paul, Poddy, Rose, Sal, Sarah, Stacey,

3/ Budgets

Cleaner Greener Safer (£1500)
We still have £1.5k of our Cleaner Greener funding remaining to be allocated.
This needs to be sorted ASAP. An email was sent asking for proposals but no responses so we discussed our only proposal (1)
1/ £500 allotment maintenance for the coming year and £1k to BOST for development of afterschool gardening club and open day activities.

We discussed this but Carole (BOST) then informed us that support in the form of open days and afterschool gardening clubs for Tabard Allotments would continue until 2014 without the need for our financial contribution.

So we then discussed and agreed unanimously for the total remaining (£1.5k) to be allocated to the continuing maintenance and development of the allotment. This can include items such as an improved shed for onsite shelter, repairs and events. We will propose it at Tuesday’s T&RA meeting after which we will ask Lourdes (T&RA South Treasurer) to raise a pro forma invoice for the money to be transferred to the T&RA bank account.

We then voted and agreed unanimously for a group (Ben, Jo, Martin, Sarah) to be responsible for managing the allocation, spending and accounting of the £1.5k.

An initial idea is to organise a community harvest day (or evenings) activities as a run up to BOSTs larger Harvest Festival at Mint Street Park (24th Sept). The date for our event is tbc.

Orita raised the issue of children interfering with people’s growbags on the allotment on the day of the afterschool gardening club, (and the general issue of tools and safety was raised by Jo and Paul later) It was emphasised that while BOST takes safety and conduct seriously, the responsibility for children lies with the parents / carers who bring them. (see also point 4)

Capital Growth funding up to £500
Martin has registered the initial interest for this funding. The next part of the application needs to be submitted by 1st August. Paul agreed to take the lead on this with a proposal for a series of training days/workshops on the allotment in the spring. The training issues we would like to focus on can be agreed later as a group and will be for getting the best out of your grow bag / composting etc just as the new season starts.

4/ Grow bags / Raised Beds
We now have full occupancy of all the allotment with 40 people now renting a grow bag or a raised bed. (36 Tabard residents / 4 from outside the estate).
We had some discussion on how best to deal with bags that weren’t being used, how best to fairly allocate bags / beds and how to deal with non-payment of rent. We agreed to have this as a main item at our autumn meeting and to draw up a clear and fair list of rules, that also emphasises the safety and supervision of children.

5/ Grow bag / Raised bed Administrator
Genevieve has done a fantastic job dealing with the allocations of the grow bags / beds and she is now ready to pass it on.
Ben has volunteered to take this job on with help from Paul and Rose.

6/ AOB

– we discussed the importance of maintaining our links with T&RA South committee and will discuss our proposals at Tuesday’s T&RA South meeting.

– Greenhouse weekend 20 / 21st August – come and help us finish the greenhouse, making it a working party with barbeques and drinks (details nearer the time)

– People have had problems locking the allotment gate (Martin to oil / check at weekend)
– Jo claimed £3.50 for children’s watering cans and netting