Minutes of Allotment Meeting 5th September 2011

Allotment Meeting 5th September 2011

Present – Anita, Ben, Carole, Katie, Martin, Sal

Apologies – Jenny, Genevieve, Rebecca, Shulamit, Sarah, Stacie

1.Feedback from TRA South meeting

Although Sarah was not present the group was able to discuss Sarah’s report on the previous allotment subcommittee meeting that was given to the last TRA South meeting.
In response to the TRA Committee’s request for clarification on the allotment subcommittee’s financial procedures the group discussed and unanimously agreed the following:
Details of monies raised from subs and key deposits will be accounted by the allotment administrator with details made available at each quarterly allotment meeting.
We reiterated how the last allotment meeting agreed unanimously for a group (Ben, Jo, Martin, Sarah) to be responsible for managing the remaining Cleaner Greener allocation, spending and accounting of the £1.5k

2. Non-payment of subs
Some allotment members have still not paid their subs for this year.
We discussed and unanimously agreed that:
All allotment members need to pay their subs for the coming year by 1st March 2012 and if subs are not paid then beds / bags will be re allocated.

3. Funding
Capital Growth
We applied for £500 from Capital Growth for running training workshops next year but we were unsuccessful. However the link with CG is very positive and we are registered as a growing space and will receive their newsletter. They are keen to visit us.
Cleaner Greener
The remaining £1500 allocated for the allotment from the CG grant
has been paid in to TRA South account and we can now draw on this as required. We are putting together a list to include children’s toys, gardening tools etc. for the open days and children’s gardening sessions, which we ran successfully this year with BOST. Last year we received £200 from TRA South for petty cash for running events and the day to day running of the allotment.
We would like to apply for this again from TRA South and we will also approach TRA Central to see if they can contribute too.

4. Allotment Procedures

We discussed and unanimously agreed that:

Waiting List
A waiting list will be drawn up for the raised beds from the 1st March 2012. Members without a raised bed from the last draw will be prioritized.
New members will have names drawn randomly to allocate their place.

Key deposit
From 1st March new members will be asked for a refundable deposit of £5 to cover the cost of the allotment key.

Raised bed allocation
There are 3 grow bags currently available.
From 1st March 2012 raised beds will be allocated only to people who are resident on the estate and who have had a grow bag for a year. This will not affect existing raised bed owners.

5. Harvest festival
BOST are organizing a day of events at Mint Street on 24th Sept. Details of this and other events will be circulated.

6. Appointment of a TRA south liaison officer
Martin has been performing this role since the allotment began and is keen to pass this role on. Nobody at the meeting wished to take it over.
Carole from BOST said how much she appreciated Martin’s work for the benefit of the local community. Martin will give TRA South details of the petty cash spent last year.

7. AOB
Douglas, Thomas, Martin and Paul spent a day working on building and glazing the door and the roof vents. We will try and organize another weekend workday soon.

Red Tiles
The Red Tiles around the allotment were bought for the flooring and edging of the greenhouse, so we will be collecting these up.

Ben would like to remind you to please check your emails for updates and information about the allotments. It will also be put up on the allotment blog and on the allotment noticeboard.

Tabard Gardens Community Allotments
Manciple Street
London SE1


Martin – General info – 0787 293 8215


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