What’s New?

Allotment priorities
1/ Greenhouse
We have made good progress with glazing of our greenhouse but there are still a few panes to put in place along with the sliding door. It would be great if we can get this ready for next year’s growing season.
2/ Herb Spiral
Clean out all the weeds and tidy up.
3/ Composting
Put up a notices of what can be composted
4/ Allocation of growbags and beds
It is unclear who is using some of the beds and growbags. We need to find a way of organising and allocating beds as new people are interested in joining us to grow vegetables.

Tabard Growers
Tabard Growers is a new community of residents and friends who are interested and involved in growing food and plants on Tabard Gardens Estate in London SE1.
Here’s a link to their website https://tabardgrowers.wordpress.com/

They will be holding a meeting soon which you are all very welcome to come along to and help plan a way forward for promoting the growing projects across the whole Tabard Estate and think about how to spend the grant money they are hoping to receive from United St Saviours.
Check back here for details of the meeting date.



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